Fix Macbook pro running very slow problem.

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Macbook is giving terrible performance-
Before few years ago, macbook was popular for serving the best performance. People, who uses the macbook, they were experiencing the best experience on it, and never want to switch to any other platform.
But since few years, people are complaining about some basic common reasons behind macbook pro.
According to them, it is not running fine and giving the worst performance.
This can be happen because of multiple factors:

  1. Ram is low.
  2. Processor is slow.
  3. Too many programs are running.
  4. Virus issue.

Here, in this article, I am sharing the instructions about how to fix macbook pro running slow problem. if you are also having the same problem. just follow the instructions and you will get your problem resolved.

  1. Firstly, you should check the hardware in your macbook, ensure that, your macbook has good amount of ram and processor. Nowdays, you must have atleast 4 gb ram and i5 processor for better performance. If you are using an old macbook, which does not contain that much of data. Probably, you will face the performance issue.
  2. Ensure that, there is no unnecessary program running into the background, if you find any unnecessary program into the macbook, you have to close them, after that, you will have better performance.
  3. Sometimes, you may have such kind of problem, due to the virus issue. in such a case, you have to remove the virus from your mac pc by running an antivirus.
  4. If you have already tried all these instructions,but still your macbook is not giving you the best performance. I will suggest you to restore your mac pc and reconfigure it with the latest update. Once you will follow these instructions, you will get rid of macbook running slow problem. if it does not fix the problem. you may visit: askprob community to fix the problem.


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