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Discussion on: Web Accessibility for Developers: What It Is and Why It’s Important (Part I)

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A question about the accessibility of "".

The menu is not navigable without screen reader - cannot control it with keyboard, but NVDA provides it's own way of navigating lists. I am not sure how big of a problem that is, but there are people who will prefer to navigate the page without the use of mouse, but don't have any screen reader installed on their computers. An example of such person can be somebody who is not visually impaired but have a motor impairment instead.

The second problem is about the "drop-down items" in navigation. Screen reader announces the "drop-down item" as "link". I don't think it's clear enough because most people would expect that a "link" navigates to a new page instead of revealing a list of items. I think that marking each menu item with role of "menuitem" and giving it "aria-haspopup" property would be more suitable, alternatively you could convert these items to buttons with "aria-expanded".