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8 Essential Skill Sets of AWS Cloud Architect

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a secured cloud computing platform providing a wide array of cloud services to its clients which include growing startups, private enterprises, and even government agencies. With the help of AWS cloud architect skills storing information and applications on the cloud has become easier, faster, secure, and cost-effective. It has become vital for tech businesses to have AWS cloud architect skills as it handles IT-based needs, has a user-friendly interface with unlimited server capacity which needs having a cloud architect certification.
In today’s time, AWS cloud architect services are one of the most in-demand for tech jobs. The work of an AWS architect is both a science and art when taken good AWS cloud architect certification. The AWS cloud architect course includes developing and designing cloud surroundings, managing and operating these systems, understanding what kind of functionality is required, assisting with cloud migration efforts, dealing with high-risk issues, etc. Thus, the skills required for AWS cloud architect can be achieved after following a proper AWS cloud architect online course. In this article, for the reference of aspirants, TIB Academy Team has listed 8 skills required for AWS cloud architects:

Top 8 Skills Required for AWS Cloud Architect:

To gain AWS cloud architect skills, one necessity have an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, its role, and its uses. You must have the essential tech skills like networking, knowledge of programming languages along requisite soft skills which can be gained by the AWS cloud architect online course. Check below the top IT skills essential for AWS Cloud Architect:
 Java, Python, C#
 Data Storage Fundamentals
 Networking
 Security Foundations
 Cloud-specific patterns and technologies
 AWS Service Selection
 DevOps
 Container
AWS Cloud Architect Skills Required

1.Java, Python, C#
First and foremost skills compulsory for AWS Cloud Architect is art of coding. He must be able to write codes in program design languages having an official AWS SDK like Java, Python, or C#. AWS SDK refers to the software tools that use AWS resources for creating applications and public library. It is only when the AWS cloud architect knows program design that he can come up with logical solutions. A good cloud architect will be able to use programming to demonstrate and investigate the use of the latest knowledge.

2.Data Storage Fundamentals
Many data storage selections are available in AWS, therefore, a good cloud architect must be able to identify when to use each. AWS cloud architect skills must allow understanding how and when to use databases. A thorough data about data storage fundamentals is necessary as you will have to compare and analyze the price, different capabilities, and performance and then choose the best available option to store data.

Understanding networking is yet additional indispensable skill required for AWS cloud architect. Without knowledge of networking, you will find it actually hard to develop secure cloud-based solutions. You need know everything about DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, CDN, and VPC. Also, you must be able to use CloudFront (CDN), Virtual Private Cloud(VPC), and services like Route 53 (DNS) for designing cloud networking using public and private subnets, internet access, and VPC peering. You can opt for the AWS cloud architect certification course to learn challenging networking skills. This exam will price tag $300 and you get 170 minutes to complete the exam. Abilities authenticated by this AWS cloud architect course include- designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions using AWS designing and maintaining network architecture, etc.

4.Security Foundations
To gain good AWS Cloud Architect skills, you must also learn about IAM (Identity and Access Management) which will aid you in determining which capitals can be accessed by which users and so on. To learn this skill, you can opt for the AWS Cloud Safety Certification-Specialty. Two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads is optional for this certification. This AWS cloud architect online course authenticates your ability to understand specialized data classification and AWS data protection mechanisms, secure internet protocols, data encryption methods, and trade-off decisions about cost, security, and deployment difficulty is given a set of application requirements.

5.Cloud-specific patterns and technologies
This is undoubtedly the most necessary skill required for AWS Cloud Architect. Cloud offerings define the functionality that is offered by cloud providers for use by an application for processing workload, communication, and data storage. Cloud application architectures describe the structure of cloud applications and Cloud application management deals with the organization of these applications. A Cloud Architect must be well experienced with all these terms. You should be able to use the AWS infrastructure properly for easy recovery and availability. You must also know how to use communications and how to handle failure to create cost-effective applications. You can pursue the various AWS cloud architect certification courses that are obtainable online or take cloud training to learn cloud computing, cloud management skills.

6.AWS Service Selection
There are front and back-end technologies involved in a cloud architecture that is provide backing by components provided by Amazon. A good AWS Cloud Architect should know what services are obtainable and which of them would be relevant to a particular organization. This becomes a problematic task as Amazon keeps on releasing new services. However, every AWS architect necessity be aware of the basic services like SNS (notifications), SQS (simple queuing), and RDS (Relational Database Service).

DevOps is the combination of practices, cultural philosophies, and tools to increase the ability of an organization to deliver applications and service area at a faster pace. In 2021, Devops was rated as the top technical skill required for AWS cloud architect professionals. This is a radical model that has brought innovation to businesses. It focuses on development, integration, and deployment which is helpful to the SaaS applications that thrive on cloud computing.

Containers are also significant skills required for AWS Cloud Architect. Dockers and Kubernetes are the most widely held container tools. Containers allow businesses to create hybrid applications, package batch processing jobs, and scale machine learning models rapidly. Containers let you run applications from one computing surroundings to another in a quick and reliable manner. AWS's container services which are integrated with AWS are also widely used as they influence the breadth and depth of the AWS cloud from networking, security to monitoring. You can also opt for the various Dockers and Kubernetes training courses that are obtainable like Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA), Software Conformance (Certified Kubernetes), etc. to acquire and improve this skill.

Why AWS Cloud Architect Certification is Important?

AWS cloud architect courses are designed to validate the cloud skill of an separate to help organizations in building effective and innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. Getting AWS cloud architect qualifications marks you as a skilled professional in the cloud computing market. Choosing the right AWS cloud architect online sequence will help you to excel in your career.

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam
    This is a first exam to acquire AWS cloud architect skills. This AWS cloud architect certification covers significant principles of the AWS cloud platform. It involves questions connected to AWS services, features, AWS security and compliance, fundamentals of cloud architecture, AWS Billing, Support and pricing, core deploying, and operating principles. To pursue this course, 6 months of general AWS experience is optional by Amazon in any capacity, be it a technical or non-technical role including sales, management, etc.
    Topics Covered in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam:-
     Principles of AWS Cloud Architecture
     AWS Cloud Fundamentals
     Value Proposition of AWS Cloud Platform
     Identifying documentation and technical assistance for AWS Cloud
     Basics of AWS platform security
     Pricing models and billing management

  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect (associate)

It involves questions about structure and set up systems in AWS clouds, and you will also be required to demonstrate the best architectural practices. To follow this AWS cloud architect online course, one year of knowledge in deploying distributed systems at scale, using AWS cloud services.

Topics Covered in AWS Certified Solutions Architect:
 How to deploy and architect strong applications on AWS technologies.
 Define a solution with architectural principles.

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect (professional)

To pursue this AWS cloud architect course, two years of complete knowledge designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions using the AWS Cloud.
Topics Enclosed in AWS Certified Solutions Architect (professional)

 How to construct dependable and secure applications on the AWS platform.
 You will study the basics of network technologies and how they work on the AWS platform.
 Implement cost-control strategies.
 Deploy hybrid systems.

AWS Cloud Architect Course
Various AWS cloud architect courses and cloud official recognition are available online. TIB Academy offers one of the best cloud computing courses. It is called the 'AWS Cloud Architect program'. It offers a 3 months long online course to become an AWS Cloud Architect. The projected time per week for the course is 10 hours.
Prerequisites Required for AWS Cloud Architect Course
Prior knowledge in the following fields is optional for best preparation and success:
 Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
 Linux Command Line Basics
 Web Development using HTML & CSS
 Prior knowledge of at least 1 to 2 years with app development and cloud infrastructure management using AWS
 Understanding and hands-on knowledge of using computer, networking, storage, and database services such as AWS
 SSL certificates and Content Delivery Networks
 Equivalent experience to having completed Cloud DevOps Engineer program or Cloud Developer program.

What does AWS Cloud Architect Online Course teach?
In the AWS Cloud Architect program, you will learn the basics of cloud architecture-how to plan, design, and implement a secure cloud infrastructure at scale. You will be taught how to create a very much available network using the AWS core service. You can enlarge your learning to design for performance, security, and scalability. You will also learn to monitor availability, test failure scenarios with recovery, and evaluation of cloud environment security defenselessness.
Project 1: Recoverability in AWS:-
It includes building a multi-availability zone, multi-region database, and demonstrating its use; migrating your primary file from one geographical region to another, creating a versioned database that is safe from any disruption.
Project 2: Design, Provision, and Monitor AWS Structure at scale:-
In this, you will learn to plan, design, and provision, configure and monitor AWS structure using industry-standard tools like AWS CLI and Terraform.
Project 3: Secure the Recipe Vault Application:-
This involves organizing a web application, testing the atmosphere's security by simulating an attack scenario, and exploiting cloud configuration vulnerabilities. You will also learn to set up monitoring for the documentation of suspicious behavior and configuration vulnerabilities.


AWS Cloud Architects are IT experts earning high salaries who build and deploy plans and applications and monitor cloud activity within their organization. These experts must possess the core technical AWS cloud architect skills including extensive knowledge of programming languages, fundamentals of cloud computing, cloud engineer certification, cloud certificates, etc. However, at the same time, these experts must be confident people possessing the good leadership skills required for AWS cloud architect. He should be able to explain his ideas to the investors and be willing to experiment and take well-calculated risks.

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