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Crux Search Engine in Chrome

In this Post We will be looking at Crux Search Engine In chrome, so without further ado lets get stared :)

What Is Crux

Crux stands for chrome real user experience report , it is a report that is generated by the field data (real data that chrome gets from our devices :)and then this data is used for checking the CWB (Core Web Vitals) Of a site.

Why do you want to see Crux Report Of A site

Crux report is very helpful in optimizing the core web vitals of a site , that report consists of core web vitals metrics such as FCP (first contentful paint), LCP(largest contentful paint) and CLS(content layout shift) by getting to know these metrics, you can start working on optimizing them, so no user feel like , your site sucks(slow) and click back button.

How to Use Crux Search engine in Chrome

  • Go into the Chrome setting with the help of three dot menus in top right of the chrome.
  • After then tap on search engine settings
  • Now tap on the "Manage search engines and site search" and now scroll down to "Site Search" and now click "Add" button and enter following details
Search engine: CrUX
Shortcut: crux
URL with %s in place of query:
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  • Done , now just go back to search bar of chrome and type "crux" and press tab button and now you will be able to check the crux report by just typing the origin url.

Note:- As a rule of thumb, use whichever origin users see in the URL bar.

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