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Some other handy Chrome shortcuts - good for tab hoarders (like me)

Ctrl-D - Add bookmark for current tab (will put the bookmark in the last folder location you chose automatically)
Ctrl-W - Closes a tab

If you're frequently needing to find guides or lookup mysterious exceptions...

Ctrl-T - Opens a new tab, and in Chrome it puts the cursor in the address bar - great for quickly going somewhere else (or using Chrome as a calculator, as I often times do)
Ctrl-K - moves cursor to the address bar and changes the address bar to a google search.

Some generally useful hotkeys (work in many apps, not just text editing)

ctrl+A - will select EVERYTHING
ctrl+X - Cut. Works like the Copy hotkey, but also deletes the selection. A great tool for quickly refactoring code.
If used in the File Explorer, Cut-Pasting a file doesn't delete it, but instead moves it from one place to another. If you're moving the file(s) from one place to
another on the same drive, this can be nearly instant. If you don't need to have two copies of the same thing, consider using Cut instead.

As for as general text editing shortcuts

shift+end - will select from your cursor to the end of the line.
shift+home - will do the same as above, but to the beginning of the line instead.

VSCode has some other handy shortcuts for cursor manipulation (other IDEs have similar functionality w/ different hotkeys)

Alt+Up/Down Arrow - Shifts the current line the cursor on up or down. If you have multiple lines selected - they will all move

Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down Arrow - similar to Ctrl+D, but instead of creating a new cursor at every instance of a word or selection, it just duplicates the cursor on lines above or below at the same horizontal position. Once you have these multiple cursors, you can manipulate them as if each was it's own individual cursor so the shift and ctrl + arrow hotkeys in the article work here too - but with multiple cursors. Ctrl-D does exactly the same thing in terms of the cursors it creates, just that it 'jumps' instead.

Shift+Alt+F - Auto Format. Formats the file according to VSCode defaults, or you can define overriding format rules in your user settings. You can also make use of one of the many plugins for formatting. I often use this if I refactor a section of code - but the formatting then needs to be re-done.

Also, perhaps not a hotkey per se, more shorthand than shortcut - but VSCode and a number of editors support RegEx search queries - it's on occasion been invaluable to find things that don't all exactly match. I've used it to quickly search things like log files or any large file really. (for example - you could write a query to find serial numbers or mac addresses in a file, without knowing their exact values. Saved my bacon a few times when trouble shooting bluetooth issues in a mobile app.)


Great tips, thanks for sharing. Ctrl+K in a browser is a great one!


Ctrl-K — moves cursor to the address bar and changes the address bar to a google search.

To the default search engine. Please don’t advertise G, there are many way better search engines all around.

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