Contributing to open source community

Asim Dahal on August 19, 2019

Hello guys, I wanted ideas about contributing towards opensource community. I see so many people talking about open source and other platforms. I also want to get involved but I don't know how and from where to start. Suggestions would be awesome.

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You can check up-for-grabs.net/#/ and find an issue that is free and easy for you.
Another way is to find a project and open an issue that also you will resolve if contributors are ok.
For example, I opened this issue and it was one of my first contributions.
Also, I made an npm package mockingcase and created over 10 issues that were resolved by 13+ pull requests from contributors. Maybe you can suggest a feature or resolve an issue which is available.



You can start by checking open issues on a project you like on github.

For example, if you like click you can go to their github and :

A lot of projects are organized like this so you just have to find which one you want to contribute to.


I don't know what kind of project should I start contributing on because contributing to projects which have large codebases can be quiet overwhelming.


That is why on huge project they "collect some good first issues".
Sometimes it will concern documentation or it will be reproducing on a specific part of code what was done in another.

You can also check the collabs section on DEV.

But contributing is not only coding, it can be also by reporting bugs, giving features ideas, help in project translation...

Thank you. I will look into it surely.

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