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In my experience with both Angular and React, you end up writing the same amount of boilerplate when you have the projects fully working the way you need with all needed packages included. Once you use them both enough you realize, they're actually very similar. Biggest difference is JSX (React) vs html template w directives (Angular). The rest is about the same honestly. In Angular you can release your project as a web component library and then use those components you built in Angular, inside of React. Lol. I mean it's all coming to a similar end game, they're just getting there in slightly different ways. I think eventually they'll all adopt web components and be interchangeable.

Now the recent negative Outlook toward TypeScript I don't get. TS is so awesome. I do all of my front end development to with TS. I've done plenty of pure JS and have found TS just matches the way I personally think about software. I'm a more visual front end developer though so perhaps that plays a part.

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