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The 'best' developers

While best is a relative word assuming a lot of parameters around the word , development work around a lot of variations of stakeholders will always bring a varied result of actions.
Three Scenarios
An ok full stack developer with a lot of experience and a heavy portfolio of successful valuable projects working with difficult stakeholders
A fairly average dev with less experience than the above working with great stakeholders whose expectations have been defined documented and agree.
A mix and match of everything else!!
There are good, great, and awesome developers. There are good, great, and awesome stakeholders. There are good, great, and awesome delivery teams. There are also horrible variations of the above.
Back to our best developer above - we find out that he is a result of the right connections, stakeholders, and teams. He does not necessarily set out to be a 'horrible' person but can be heavily influenced by the stimulus from a team or a stakeholder.
My point - best is a result of smart work, hard work and least luck. I have been in discovery meetings where I thought to myself 'Hmm, I need the money but this project may be as bad as hell", to cut the long story short - such projects have always been 'bad'
Don't get me wrong, people influence the outcome of projects - its not the tech stack or whatever its the people.
A connection of mine on linkedin once said "Software projects are 90% political and 10% work" and i agree.
Imagine you get a gig and the major stakeholder has a dislike for you after the project has been signed off -
So, to all the 'best' developers out there, appreciate what you have, continue to invest in your network and research how to communicate better.
It will give you peace of mind.
I am a newbie here and am totally rocking this community.
Looking forward to learning more

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