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Discussion on: Making remote work, work.

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Barry McGee Author

I take a slightly different view actually - I quite like that I can grab a cup of coffee and sit down to a little coding or email late at night if I fancy it. I like being able to work through messages when I have downtime at the laundrette or wherever.

However, this is not so I can clock up 40/50/60+ hour weeks, it's because that then gives me the flexibility to drop out of my workday if I feel like it.

When I have worked for an extra hour on a Tuesday night, that then gives me permission to take a two-hour lunch on Wednesday.

This means I can do things a lot of my office dwelling colleagues can't like nip out to the barber at 11am on a Tuesday when it's super quiet. This flexibility is one of the great perks of remote working imo.

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Gualtiero Frigerio

While I think it is crucial to have a clean separation between work and personal life I'd love to have the flexibility you're talking about. Finding time to run some errands is really difficult, I don't need to take personal time off too frequently but I'd find that option really useful!