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Most IT stereotypes are useless junk.

Our industry's culture should revolve around a desire to do good work and follow our fascinations in the craft and the image should reflect this. But this is not the case. The IT stereotype expects you to act a certain way, believe certain things and be a certain gender.

IT itself can be pretty bad about self-adornment of stereotypical images, but the broader world's view of the craft seems like it's 30 years behind sometimes.

Beyond the more cultural things, here's a pet peeve of mine that I've encountered in the past: When I'm talking about computers I'm expected to be a wizard, know everything and never make mistakes. When I'm talking about anything else I'm "the computer guy" and should stay in my lane. I'm a marketing major with a diverse background and did lots of different work before settling on mostly coding. It's obnoxious how much you can get pigeonholed.


I'm a certified and experienced teacher with a Master's in Education who does IT for my school district, so I hear you about being pigeonholed as the computer wizard.

But my pet peeve is when people ask me to "do my magic." It's not magic, and calling it magic really blows off the hard work I've put in to learning these skills in addition to the rest of my background.


Ach, you computer guys should avoid talking politics and culture, go back to your terminal!


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