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Discussion on: Microsoft is changing now

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Ben Halpern

And on the other side, they are introducing end-to-end encryption in Skype. It's a pretty complicated soup of good and bad but I definitely agree with your sentiment.

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Kasey Speakman

Yeah, there are some bright spots. Like a couple of years back, MS sued the US government because the FBI kept getting gag orders on most of their data requests. This prevent Microsoft from doing what it agreed to do with its customers, which is provide notice of warranted data disclosures. Though I'm sure nothing came of it, I liked the principle of the thing.

But in general, the marching orders up there seem to be that every product must have some kind of data collection built it, which form the basis of dev decisions. Having a product vision and engaging with customers... a dead practice, I guess. Then there are those products which go the extra mile of actually being funded by selling your collected data (Windows 10 and ad-based Skype come to mind, which still collects your "metadata" as mentioned in the Wired article).