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Discussion on: Are you a member of a professional organization related to computing or software development? Why or why not?

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Ben Halpern

Like some others in the thread, it never really occurred to me. Anyone care to give an overview of some of the organizations out there and the benefits to me or the greater profession/society that go along with it?

Just to be clear as well: I've been a part of cause-based non-profits in our industry but a "professional organization" is different, right?

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Thomas J Owens Author • Edited

The major international professional organizations for people in the computing or software fields are probably the ACM and IEEE Computer Society.

Other players include the Association of Information Technology Professionals, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the Association for Information Science and Technology, and others.

There are also a handful of groups specifically dedicated to various underrepresented groups in computing, and several country-specific organizations as well.

I'd rather not address my opinions on the benefits of joining (at least right now) - I'd like to give others the chance to weigh in. But maybe some of these can help you see what they claim as benefits.