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re: Looking for back-end project ideas for beginners VIEW POST


Well, it might be fun to take part in the Pusher contest, which definitely covers the spectrum from back-to-front. I say that because that's where my head is at right now and the timing is pretty great.

With that in my mind, I always find realtime visualizations of things happening translated to a map is really cool. I know in New York, there are some pretty cool civic data resources. It could be cool to show them in realtime.

This would likely require pinging the services they provide, processing or aggregating in some way, and then serving them over a channel. Definitely covers a lot of typical backend tasks.


Thanks for the response, Ben! If I weren't busy with finishing up school, I would definitely try out the Pusher contest.

I really like the second idea since it's incredibly pertinent to my interests and background! I know a lot of cities have data portals like New York's, so there could be a lot of possibilities for ideas :)

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