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Discussion on: What is Proper Continuous Integration?

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Ben Halpern

It takes us just under 10 minutes to push to It really would be lovely to improve this, or at least work to never make it worse. I know we're perfectly in the realm of average, but this is something I feel could be much faster if it were tuned and gardened properly.

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Derek Hopper

We're about the same currently. We use Semaphore, but don't use their parallel feature. Every push gets built. We don't normally push every single commit.

We use Firefox for integration tests. I feel we could improve performance by switching to headless chrome, but Firefox has been pretty reliable for us over the years.

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David J Eddy

I got tired of the complexity in using headless chrome so I built a docker container for it. Then, 6 month later I found, life changer.

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Marko Anastasov Author • Edited on

Ben, where is most of the time spent?

It sounds like it's less than 10mins for both CI + deployment, which is great!

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Joe Hobot

What makes you think that's great?

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Marko Anastasov Author

CI + deployment < 10mins for a medium+ web app with probably hundreds of thousands of users sounds good to me in general. Most importantly developers can stay in the zone and keep moving fast. Is there room for optimization β€” probably, as Ben hinted, but it's impossible to say anything useful without looking at the code, configuration & infrastructure being used.