Discussion on: What Are Your Career Goals?

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Ben Halpern

I have pretty much committed to the #entrepreneur4life path, so my career goals revolve around extracting the good parts of that. I want to make an impact in my field without losing touch with the typical path. I want to gain more freedom as I grow. I want to be able to commit with all I have to the projects I care about without becoming a workaholic.

A couple years ago I almost took a well-paying job at a big tech company. I almost took it, but I'm happy I did not. My short term goal is growing dev.to to reach its full potential, and my long term goal is to parlay any successes into opportunities to continue to earn the freedom to do the work I am most passionate about.

My advice for everyone is to think long term and just focus on learning and bettering yourself. Don't jump from thing to thing, but don't stick around in a crappy situation. Go with the flow and find ways to reflect on the progress you've made as a software developer and imagine how much more capable you will be with a few more years of progress. But it's not a race. Take vacations and have as much fun as you can along the way!

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Dina Gathe

Love the path, love the tips.

I've spent quite a good chunk of career in corporate marketing and dev. I've worked for a couple of successful startups and I always have the entrepreneurial bug. I've recently changed from full time to part time working from home, to free up more time for learning and coding. Ultimately I'd like to have a SaaS app that can be monetized...nothing pie in the sky, just something that can provide a reasonable income and some flexibility.

I love what you're doing with dev.to -- keep it up! :-)