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re: Haha, So that's a lifehack of the day then 😂

I think there are some small adjustments we need to make in reaction land.

One thing: I want unicorns to be more rare and special. I think so far we’ve been sort of living in an awkward in-between phase with this component of the site.

@ben perhaps implementing some sort of post reaction, similar to Facebook, would make them more exclusive. A simple tap would be a heart press or hover, to see the reaction panel where you can choose the unicorn.

Yeah I think something like that might be the approach. I also like how Slack does reactions.

There's also more we can do to provide ways to search and sort through past reactions, to give them more personal use. Though that could complicate things.

Either way, we've left the "reaction" concept pretty abstract at the data layer and there's definitely some interesting things we could do in the long run. We used to also have the 🤔 and 🙌 reactions but got rid of them to make room for some other functionality. Eventually we'll settle on the best approach for all of this.

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