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Also, how are the live streaming features coming along? :D

Folks can follow along or get involved here:

Self-serve live broadcasting #2317

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coreyja commented on Apr 06, 2019

I'm making this as a place for discussion following this post by @benhalpern

I wanted to open this up for discussion and figure out what features might be involved in the build. I am also willing to work on this project and contribute to it and this seemed like a good place to start!

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I've tried live streaming coding a handful of times before, but felt like there was never a good platform for developer focused live streaming.

Describe the solution you'd like I think that the best way to get this started is probably to embed one or more streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube Live. Most of the commentators in the original post seemed to think embedding was a good place to start.

One question this raises is how to deal with chat Ben mentioned in the original post, that has some in-house chat architecture build. This is one potential solution, but means that each stream may need to manage two chats. The main streaming platforms chat, and the chat Another solution would be to completely embed a streaming platform(s) including the chat. Both Twitch(1) and Youtube Live (2) support this behavior. A downside to this approach is that it makes it harder for the dev community to moderate directly. does offer some sort of chat consolidation tools, but I don't know much about their offerings or how to integrate with them.

Describe alternatives you've considered One alternative is to host the live streaming platform natively. I will admit I don't have much experience in this domain, but I feel like this is a large amount of work to build and maintain, that is fairly tangentially to the current offerings and (uneducatedly) assumed infrastructure. However a native build might make the chat question easier, as having a native chat offering already is a huge plus!

(1) (2)

For more context:


👋 I got that issue started and have a little work in process branch going! Would love to get some other people involved, even if that's just giving some feedback on the ideas in the issue or whatever!

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