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Discussion on: Guidelines for picking tech-stack for startups

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Ben Halpern

This is exactly right. is a Ruby on Rails app mostly because that's what I knew and liked best at the time. It's still a Rails app, and that's not changing any time soon, but as we face new challenges, bring new people onto the team, and generally deal with the oncoming future, new tech choices start to present themselves. It wasn't out of total ignorance to what else was out there. I know some other languages and I had been working in Node more before starting this project, but Rails still was what I knew and liked and I didn't overthink it.

I'm very glad we didn't try to predict that oncoming future ahead of time.

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Have to agree. I learnt sails.js quite in depth as an MVC node architecture. Whilst I can build using plain express or even some pure front end with Vue and nuxt.js I still fall back to sails when I want to get on with something fast. There's languages and frameworks I flirt with and then there's the one or two I feel married to!