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I feel like we often look for antonyms to blame, because that phrasing was obviously the choice of git's maker Torvalds who genuinely enjoys confrontation and condescendence.

But I don't know if praise or credit even who is what we're necessarily looking for. You're looking for details of what happened. Maybe you're looking to find that person and ask them a question, but really you're just looking for a place to start.

So I think something like git story or git journey or git tale or git report.

git if these walls could talk.


Subversion uses blame too, and it is older than Git. So maybe this is just Linus using a common term.


Yeah, it's usually the commit message you're after, or the commit hash that you can use to look up the whole commit.


I've used it to know the author more than once, so I can ask for help with a specific section of the code.

They never remember writing it...


Another possibility: git context


Wanting to see how the lines have changed over time, presumably with context, is a much harder thing to do than to show the last person who touched a line in a commit, though. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but at that point... well, it doesn't fit in the gutter of your favourite editor anymore.

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