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re: What is your philosophy on ads? I notice that Google Analytics is the only thing my ad blocker flags on this site. (I'm one of those people on whom...

Revenue plans: Value add features: Job listings (as a tag users can follow when they are looking), courses, paid pitches by infra providers, and anywhere were we can provide strong value delivered to just those who want to hear about it. Some form of high quality ad has its place in this mindset as well. But I am extremely skeptical of anything that makes us money without simultaneously providing a lot of value to the users.

Right now we're being frugal with some funding for our current operations. We'll be launching the first rev-generating feature soon (hiring tag) and we're also scoping out some seed funding. We thought about approaching revenue earlier on but it was really hard to keep our eyes on the prize in terms of being skeptical of non-value-add revenue.

So basically we do have what we think is a solid business model but we're going to run on some seed capital while we patiently make good on it.

Here's the mental model for the value of the platform.

  • Intellectual exchanges
  • Emotional exchanges
  • Economic exchanges <- This is where we'll make money

As you consider ads, please be wary of 3rd party ad platforms. You never really know who is going to be advertising through these. They can be used as an attack vector to spread malware.

In general, I appreciate your thoughtful approach. Thank you!

Way ahead of you on that. We're not going to be serving third party ads at all unless it's clearly the right choice, for the reasons you're describing and the general user experience. We want a fast website that delivers actual value.

We will potentially use other tracking pixels in addition to Google Analytics, where appropriate for analytics and cross-platform stuff. But the plan is to be reasonable about it. Users come first.


I saw you added a Billing tab to the Edit Profile tab. Do you have any idea of how much the premium features will cost? I definitely want to pay, I just am still looking for work right now. I find a lot of value in what you are doing here, and the job tag is important to me.

When will these features be rolling out? Any ETA?

Thanks for building this.

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