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The most expensive project I had was learning AWS. Their UI/UX is very ... bad at least, and I forgot some resources on different regions, cost me almost 100 dollars.

Side projects are either for learning, so I consider them investments in my career, hobby or to make more money, either way they are worth it. Ofc paying is the last option, I am a big fan of free tiers.

Cloudflare, free GCP/AWS tiers, github pages, Gitlab and others can go for a long run keeping your websites for free, at least for a few hundreds DAU.

Another trick is to get 1 2-4 Core VM and use docker to keep multiple projects there. If a project gets bigger or killed you just move/remove the container.


Yeah, the AWS interface is crazy. I tried out a small project in it once with a free year of hosting. I took everything down, I thought. A month later they told me I owed money for the server that wasn't doing anything 😐


I have done the same thing on Azure. I also ran into an Azure bug that charged me a few grand and took months to clear up.


There are (for GCP anyway, no experience with other serverless providers) pay-as-you-go models for certain components that scale down to 0. That allow you to keep a little-used project running for minimal expense.

E.g., on GCP: App Engine Standard + Datastore.


Yep, my is on an appengine like that.

Is not serverless, is just a container and you still have to think of provisioning when u make the config.

Serverless like functions or lambdas are also a good option for event-driven flows.


Their interface is very bad indeed.

Which is why I picked up on Terraform and never looked back

I get to version control my infrastructure and manage it all as code, I can also just run terraform destroy and it all gets removed pretty quickly.

Can't recommend using a code-as-infrastructure tool enough (Serverless is another good one I heard)


Tx! I know about terraform and I recommend it, but it is not good if you want to learn a specific platform.

After you learn it you can use terraform to make it easier, is a framework above cloudformation. I was learning for the certificate, I had to use their UI.

I also used Serverless, after a few manual deploys of my functions, is pretty neat.


Absolutely, free tiers are great. I'm particularly impressed by Gitlab - private repo's and inbuilt CI tools = 👍

Thankfully I've mostly managed to squeeze into the free tiers for everything I've used for side projects on AWS so far. That said, I haven't exactly released any of my (many) side projects for public usage - so would need to keep an eye on the costs at that point...

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