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Tobias Nickel • Edited

yes, now I started to sa, that I am a blogger. My first blog I setup still in school with As a student I started to rent a v-host and installed wordpress on it. With that page I had good intentions, but never passed 10 posts. Still, the only thing the page was iteresting for was for a hacker who deleted my site. good that I had a backup of my few posts. that maybe never anyone read,...

Then I started the blog again, with the static side generator Hexo. This blog I use until today. But there have also been time, like a year of not writing any pist. but now, when looking back, I have one or two posts a months.

The topics are mostly Javascrit, database, blockchain and some leadership. since a month or two I also share my posts here on dev. here much more people read my content. That is motivating even more to write the next post and think of
good content.

How do you keep your motivation for blogging up? by the way, my blog is at

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Juliano Pereira Lima Author

Hi Tobias. I've started reading your blog here and I really like it. Congratulations :D

I think the feedback about the content definitely is a great fuel to continue writing. I think is not about the number of views but about the engagement, the genuine one.

We need different approaches to teach about some subjects in technology and write about it it's a great chance to make the world better and make the education more democratic.

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