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Flame 1.0 is here!

Hi there, folks! It's been a while since our last article, but if you are following Flame on GitHub or participating in our Discord, you know very well that we have not been idle. Far from it. In fact, you might have noticed more and more Release Candidates being put out regularly, mostly with some needed updates and cleanups, a few new core features, bug fixes, and incorporating valuable feedback from our amazing Game Jam. That is because both the team and the community have been working together, relentlessly, to make Flame the best it can be.

And, first of all, I would like to make it very clear that we are not done with this goal, not even close -- the pile of things we know could be improved, extended or added is only shadowed by the mountain that we don't even know about yet. So the first thing I would like to reassure everyone, with this article, is that nothing really changes in that regard. We will still be putting out PRs, receiving invaluable help from the community, making improvements, new features, bug fixes. We will still be at discord, helping out new people, having deep, productive discussions with veterans, and collaborating together to keep growing and enhancing all Blue Fire's projects.

That being said, we do have a key milestone to share. You might have already heard about it on the Flutter 2.8 release article, or maybe got a sneak peek on pub; but, regardless, we wanted to double down and proudly announce we just released Flame 1.0.0. Yes, it's official, and finally here! What an end-of-year holiday gift to us to finally be able to say that, given all the work that has been put into it! We are very happy with the current state of our code and the capabilities provided, and we think it's time to make this commitment. Thank you so much for every single one of you, that contributed with PRs, discussions, questions (that led us to improve some docs or reconceptualize some API), monetary donations via our Patreon, or that used Flame, made something great, participated in any way, gave us a star on GitHub, or just for reading and sharing this article. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

And let me reiterate; we are still going to keep improving, updating, fixing, enhancing Flame. In fact, I hope version 1.0.0 lives very briefly on pub, to be replaced with 1.0.1, 1.1.0, whichever comes first, very soon. This just means we believe the current API is stable, and we won't be making big, breaking changes that often, or without warning. Expect more structured, stable updates, especially new features. It also means we can focus our attention now to improving our docs, bridge packages, tooling, examples and tutorials to make sure this awesome ecosystem that came about works seamlessly and frictionlessly, and that people can easily welcome people to join and learn. We are also happy to have established and to carry on this partnership with the Flutter team to make sure we all pave a future together for Flame and our beloved community.

And on that note, we ask you to update your dependency, head over to Discord to continue the discussion, and if you haven't, please check Flutter's article about all the amazing things packed on Flutter 2.8, and let us know if you have any feedback! Thanks everyone again for everything, and have a great day!

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