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Discussion on: How Can I earn money by building forum web app?

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Vivek Bora

There could be various approaches through which you can grow your forum app. One approach could be that you use the app for yourself and provide some services or facilities through that and charge some royalty for that.
I used to have a forum where i had VIP System and people used to pay for being VIP in return of some premium services.

The second approach you can take is making your software app as a software and sell it. There are many examples of that like XenForo, VBulletin etc.. . It depends on how much you can scale your application.

The third approach to which you can look is making it open source, it won't earn you anything, but you can get popularity if your product is good. And you can also make two versions of it, a light version which is open source and a pro version which is paid.


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Thu Htet Tun Author

Very well-explained answer. It seems like I am on the first approach you told. Anyway, I got some points from your reply, thanks dude