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What you should know about AWS Community Builder

(5W's of AWS Community Builders)
Who are AWS Community builders?

They are people with passion, determination and ambition to learn and share cloud knowledge with others around the globe. If you fall into this category of people. Congratulations!!! We just got larger by +1. Many of us are currently at this stage in our tech journey and we might be having imposter syndrome.

Stay calm; it is normal to have this in your initial step of the ladder. I am the group leader here!. smile!. If you are reading this right now and have all the aforementioned attributes, I would like to confirm to you that you are a potential AWS Community builders.

How do you apply for AWS Community builder?
According to the AWS Community Builder page, Applications are open twice a year. The application will ask for information both about yourself and your contribution to the AWS Community.

Anticipating Community Builders are there by encouraged to apply for the AWS Community builder program regardless of the stage of your knowledge.Newbie; rookie; Intermediate; Expert. What is more critical is the zeal to learn and the passion to share knowledge.

This will also fuel your ambition and career path as a cloud specialist and professional. Starting with AWS Community builder is a better and a stronger foundation to even become an AWS Hero?

#What are the requirements to become an AWS Community builder? It is quite obvious and the AWS Community Builder page states clearly:

"AWS enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the technical community"

The two keys points for me here are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the technical community

There is no stated algorithm to get picked in the AWS Community builder program, also you do not need to have published a certain number of ✍️blog posts, or 🎥Youtube videos to get selected. or anything like the number of certifications acquired.

What should I do to become an AWS Community Builder?
As you might know, your Knowledge and determination on AWS are not a guarantee to be picked. There is no best thing to do to get into this program. I would just advise based on the experience of a few successful applicants. Follow the below steps to increase your chances of becoming an AWS community builder.

🤚Share knowledge among the community you belong to via social media, YouTube, Podcast e.t.c
🤚Volunteer and participate in AWS User Groups or similar meetups in your local area.
🤚Blog and share your knowledge on AWS. e.g Share your project you are building, review new AWS service, answer common questions.
🤚Contribute to platforms like Reddit and Forums, Stack Overflow and help people solve their problems.
🤚Volunteer for public speaking if you can.

Who to meet for guidance and advice on AWS Community?
Yes, you might be stuck, burnt out and confused. Do not worry you are not alone in this. Just take a deep breath. Help is on the way! Since it's about community building. AWS community builders are waiting to guide you and answer your questions. Just search on LinkedIn for an AWS community builder in your network. You can also go through your Local AWS User Group or other Meetups.

Why you should join the AWS Community Builders Program?
The benefits of joining the AWS Community Builders Program are many but I will mention a few.

  • FREE AWS Community Builders SWAG.

  • FREE AWS Certification Voucher of your choice from Associate, Professional to Speciality.

  • Access to AWS product teams and information about new services and features.

  • Mentorship from AWS subject matter experts on a variety of topics, including content creation and community building.

  • 500 dollars AWS Promotional Credits that can be spent on most AWS cloud resources and other helpful resources to support content creation and community-based work.

  • Fast track your AWS knowledge and gain unique community opportunities.

  • Exclusive access to the AWS Community Builders private Slack Channel.

  • When joining the AWS Community Builders you are networked with all other active builders

  • Jobs Offer employment opportunities.

What if I don't get selected in AWS Community Builders?
No capping! everyone wants something good, but the space is limited. it is not the end of the world. There is always a room to retry. Applications rounds reopen twice a year, so there will be more opportunities. I am optimistic that using some of the tips highlighted in this article and advice from other Community Builders, your chances of getting in will increase tremendously. Take the bold step of applying today. I cannot wait to meet you.

Don't wait too long or miss out. Add your self to make to the waiting list here Here!

'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step '- Lao Tzu

Take a step today, let's connect on the AWS community builder. 🙌

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