What music do you jam out to when you are coding?

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Normally I throw on the Brain Food Playlist on Spotify or any sort of chill electronic. But lately I had been loving listening to Hip hop while coding or any sort of "high intensity" music.


infected mushroom helps me get things done(thats the name of the band not an actual mushroom):D


I have to admit, if I ever want to get into flow I'll shove an Infected Mushroom mix / live set on and I'll get everything done so fast.


Ooo I like this band. Thanks for the recommendation!


Just another reminder that I need to finish working on my Spotify embeds PR. πŸ™„

Today I'm listening to a playlist called Gaming Anthems. I like Coding and Crushing it, too, and then everything else is probably super obscure. Some days I don't mind spending time with engaging lyrics, like Punch Brothers or Avett Brothers, because I know them so well that I don't really get distracted by them.

I wrote about this when my top songs of 2018 came out, and I will talk music with you all day. πŸ˜‰


Oh I generally jam out to 80s synth pop music, among other things. Mostly stuff without lyrics. I find that if I'm listening to music with lyrics it tends to be a bit too distracting and hard to get into flow. I absolutely cannot listen to podcasts while coding.


Pink floyd, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, REM, Led Zeppelin etc etc etc
I have created a playlist, called "Developer's Playlist" :P
Keep on updating and using it

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