Make Your Pseudocode Your Real Code

Rob Cameron on October 19, 2017

If you've been coding for any amount of time you've probably come across the concept of pseudocode: a quick "mockup" of a class, object or algori... [Read Full]
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Very very well explained. This applies to all sorts of languages, but it's extremely true in Ruby. The language's cleanliness is lost if you don't leverage it.


Thanks! I was working on a random controller or presenter in Rails a couple of months ago and after some refactoring I sat back and looked at it and realized it almost looked like some pseudocode that I'd write on a whiteboard when planning. I looked through the codebase and ended up seeing that pattern everywhere and realized that's basically what most "good" code ends up looking like—I just hadn't heard anyone phrase it as such!


Great advice!
Code should always be written in a way that it is easy to read and understand. Even if it takes longer to write.
Always keep in mind. Code is only written once, but it can be read infinite times.


This forum is a blessing for a beginner like me. I would heed to this keenly🤔


Really like this. Human readable is one thing I hear discussed by clean coding posts but human understandable is what this really gives!

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