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Charles D. Villard
Charles D. Villard

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Hi. My name is Charles Villard, and I'm a web developer.

Hi, my name is Charles Villard. I'm a web developer based in Miami, FL, and I work remotely with a great team at Tenet Partners. My workday tends to consist of C# in the .NET framework, JavaScript, jQuery, SCSS, SQL, and sometimes static sites in Jekyll and Wintersmith.

I've only been coding for three years, and it's been a whirlwind three years at that, at least for me. I started teaching myself HTML and CSS on Codecademy in 2014, and just kept teaching myself more and more about web development. These days, In my downtime, when I'm not being a family man, I'm trying to keep up with ES6, React, VR/AR in general; and I'm thinking of adding Ruby on Rails to that list as well.

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