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Things I Don't Know as of 2020

People assume that being in any industry for more than a few years one should know just about everything. That's so not true! In this post, I am listing out the things which I'm not aware-of or currently learning.

πŸ’‘ Not knowing everything is ok

List of things I don't know

  • Unix commands and bash - I can manage with ls, cd and the world-famous rm -rf Can manage with grep but for everything else I’ve to lookup.
  • CSS Methodologies - No BEMs, No OOCSS I can do Tailwind CSS or styled-components easily. CSS-in-JS is the one I'm rocking now🀘
  • TypeScript - Type checking in JavaScript is not my cup of coffee β˜•
  • Generators - Stream data only using JavaScript 😱
  • Containers - I can create a docker and launch a container, nothing more than that πŸ“¦
  • Animations - Using CSS or SVG Animations, gets on my nerves.
  • Python - No "Hello World!!" also. 🐍
  • Machine Learning - Maybe will take up next year 🎰
  • Testing - I can handle Unit testing in JavaScript, React and Vue, but automating everything in one click is what I've to get hold of in 2021 πŸ”₯
  • Redux - Haven't got the change to look at it
  • AWS - This is where my current focus is, I've started a bit or two. AWS Amplify is making my life easy πŸ˜‡

I'm aware of the knowledge gaps that are created over time. Learning never ends, it's always good to keep learning

πŸ’‘ Post inspired by Dan Abramov's

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