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Top 8 AI Chatbot Building Platforms

Best Chatbot Platforms in the Market

Here is a list of some of the best chatbot platforms to build a chatbot:

  1. Chatfuel - The platform provides features like adding content cards and gathering information via forms inside Messenger chats and letting users interact with the bot via buttons.

  2. - The bots platform provides a complete development toolkit to build and manage a bot without having to build a backend service for the bot.

  3. Motion AI - The platform is to train, build and deploy chatbots on FB messenger, slack or on your website. It lets you diagram your conversation flow and have a visual overview of the outcomes of a bot query.

  4. BotKit - Includes Botkit Studio, tools, a core library, and plugins to extend the capabilities of the bot built.

  5. IBM Watson- The omnichannel and tone analyzer bot platform where you can build a chatbot without writing the code. It is the pioneer in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Natural Language Processing & reasoning.

  6. Microsoft Bot Framework - The bot platform features a streamlined process of chatbot building. The platform environment is structured with SDKs and a bot connector for building intelligent bots. The most interesting feature of it is pre-existing entities in order to build smart bots.

  7. Botsify - Botsify offers no coding platform including drag and drops design and in-app integration.

  8. Flow XO - The chatbot platform that lets you create a bot without any coding with 100 integration options. The platform also comes with pre-built templates for an easy and quick start.

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