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A beginners' Journey into Web Development.

Hey, thinking of starting a career into web development but don't know how and where to begin?

One of the most difficult decision to make by beginners when venturing into web development is how to begin, and what resources are available to aid their learning.

If this is where you find yourself now, like me, when I first started learning web development ( I wish I had seen and read an article like this then), this article will help to provide a roadmap to help you to learn faster and better.

Start from the Basic.

As foundation is important in construction, so is it in software development. Starting from the basic means starting from ground up, learning the foundational concepts of HTML such as tags, semantics, structure, layout etc. Want to Start Learning HTML now, **** is one of the good site to start your journey into web development.

You need to understand how to arrange elements on the web page, that is, putting elements where they ought to be on the page. One good tool that than help you achieve this is FIGMA. Learn more about figma **HERE**

Advance to Aesthetics

After you are comfortable with html and have a good knowledge of laying out your page, giving your code good visual appearance with CSS is the next step. CSS is used for styling your HTML pages. While HTML is like an unpainted building, CSS is the 'paint' that makes the we page appealing to the eyes.

Other Things to learn includes Version Control. Want to know more about Version Control using GIT, go to :

Choose a Programming Language

There are several programing languages that does different or same thing in different ways.

You will need to decide your goal and objective for the future before deciding which one to learn first. Of course, you can learn many languages over time, but it is better to pick one and be a master of it, than not being able to do anything productive with the knowledge of several programming languages.

Examples of Programming language are: PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, Go, Rust, C#, C++, MySql, Kotlin, Ruby, Perl and many more. Make proper research about the language, what you can use it to achieve, whether it fulfils your future goal as a software developer.

Fortunately, the internet abounds with resources- Video, Articles, Guides or Courses to make your learning journey smooth and sound. You can checkout the following resource:




GO -

Hurray, I was admitted to the HNGI8 internship program by Zuri.
You too can give it a shot now or later when another internship offer is on, check out their website

The HNGI internship is a global brand offering software development training to anyone from any part of the world. It is one of the biggest software development training bootcamp in the world, and guess what? it is absolute FREE !!!.

Part of my goals of joining the program are:

  1. To develop my skills and knowledge in Software development.
  2. To work with and learn from a large community of developers in HNG
  3. To contribute to open-source works.

I hope to to finish strong in the internship.

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