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Discussion on: Dynamically filter data via URL params with Rack::Reducer

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chrisfrank Author

I like Sinatra for tiny projects, and I really love Roda (with Sequel as an ORM) for large ones.

Roda’s concept of a “routing tree” is very similar, structurally, to the way react-router manages client-side routing. So when I build an API in Roda and a UI in React, I can reason about them the same way, despite their being in different languages. In general, I think I value structural similarity more than syntactical similarity — which is part of why I still build APIs in ruby/roda, instead of js/express.

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Donald Merand

This is all very cool! I might try a project using Roda+Sequel, just to get a feel for some Rails ORM alternatives. I use Sinatra quite a bit, but tend to kick over to Rails if I need heavy DB work.

I like your point about structural similarity - I think this same logic is why folks are loving the Elixir/Phoenix + Elm backend/frontend combination. I'm headed in that direction for my larger projects (though I still love Ruby).