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#11 10 Success Factors for Starting Your Cloud Journey

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Explain the "why", Form a team of subject-matter experts, Invest in training and coaching, ...

Don't miss our blog post 10 Success Factors for Starting Your Cloud Journey, the written version of this podcast episode.

Are you planning to start the cloud journey for your organization soon? Learn from others to turn your initiative into a huge success. Michael and I have accompanied medium-sized businesses and enterprises in their transformation projects and would like to share our learnings with you. We are consultants focusing 100% on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our goal is technical excellence, as well as business outcomes.

We have identified the following success factors:

  • Explain the "why"
  • Form a team of subject-matter experts
  • Invest in training and coaching
  • Keep the network simple
  • Focus on security from the beginning
  • Managed services first!
  • Leverage Infrastructure as Code
  • Level up by using containers
  • Build deployment pipelines

All the best for starting your cloud journey!

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