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Ultimate Dux

Disclaimer : Have to give one. This piece of work being showcased here has no intention of infringing any licenses, copyrights, ownerships of any material - audio, video, text - and has been written and published entirely by myself and is simply a result of consumption of digital learning resources, their interpretation followed by the implementation of the same as per my understanding without copying it, or reproducing it from the source. The sole intention of this project is to build a Wikipedia like platform for programming.

Whoosh, that was all formality I had. Come back after reading the thing below and correct me if I stated something wrong. Now off to the reason behind this and what the hell is Ultimate Dux.

So other than being a full-time programmer taking freelancing projects I somewhat possess a thirst for learning, implementing and sharing all sorts of programming elements; be it a language, framework, library, old or new; doesn't matter much.

For some time now, I have been learning new stuff from many a different source: courses, articles, videos and podcasts. All this knowledge just sitting in my brain didn't help satisfy me, so I started writing code with documentation to cover simple instructions from installation to a useful guide to follow. I had done a little work on Python and C# basics, and then this Idea struck me :

Ultimate Dux

It means the Ultimate Guide. Dux is a Latin word for Guide/Leader. It as I see it, is supposed to be a collection of guides, tutorials, todos and projects of as many programming languages, concepts, frameworks, libraries we can cover. And by we I mean just another friend of mine.

Wait ... what? Why? How?

Well first of all this is not a menial task and with the ever-changing world of programming and technology, this is bound to become a very very very cumbersome if not impossible task. Hence I want to make this an open-source project, where people from anywhere in the world can contribute their knowledge in whichever matter they see fit and relevant by turning this into a platform later on, maybe like a website or a comprehensive guide or whatever medium is thought to be fir.

So I don't want to hear that "No you won't be able to complete this; this is a total waste of effort; It is too much and maybe not even needed; blah blah".

I already know this stuff, but I have made up my mind. Whatever amount of effort it may need over; however, many years required, I am willing to sacrifice (at least for the few months/weeks to come). I am very optimistic.

The problem

Now what I think is the problem is how I gather the material to put up for this task.
What I have been doing so far is to go through a lot of learning material of the topic I choose to cover, note down all the stuff in my own words, add my understanding, write code for implementation of the same with added documentation for comprehension.

Is this the right way to do so? Or is it subject to some infringement? I don't want to realise later on that all my work went away for nothing.

That is why I put that ugly disclaimer at the beginning to give you an idea of what I thought i should do: just put up some disclaimers.

Also, I am putting references to all the materials I have been consuming online.

Checkout the actual thing

Now you can head over to the below link and check some stuff. But beware it is a lot unorganised and still looming over thoughts of what to do and how. And it's taking a lot of time.

Also right now there's only so much I have done. There are many empty folders that I created to track things I intend to cover. Many items might be irrelevant or not even needed to be covered. I will do the filtering later on.

Right now for looking into it you can go to

  • Languages/Python
  • Languages/Python/Frameworks/Cross-Platform GUI/Kivy
  • Languages/C#
  • Languages/TypeScript
  • Languages/PHP/Basics

Link to Ultimate-Dux

Please, veterans of programming, give me your sacred advice, so I can get a hint of how to move forward with this.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts in reading the entire thing

Thanks anyways

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