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Welcome to Linux! It's a lovely place here.

I too miss Notepad++, but I find that Geany is quite similar as far as text editing goes. Meanwhile, Visual Studio Code is quite lovely as an IDE! (And that's coming from someone that has tried Atom, Code::Blocks, Brackets, and more than a few others.)

Here's a few other favorite packages of mine:

  • LibreOffice (from the Fresh PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa; sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade
  • SpeedCrunch: the best calculator I've found yet
  • Simplenote: markdown-based notes w/ free cloud storage
  • Krita: realistic and unrealistic painting (Raster-based)
  • Rambox: for keeping all my chat apps together
  • Redshift: changes to warmer tones as the day gets later, to reduce eye strain and prevent the computer from throwing off your sleep cycle
  • Hexchat: IRC client, because the Linux world basically lives on Freenode and OFTC.
  • Hamster Indicator: time tracking
  • Meld: file comparison
  • ZeGrapher: graphing calculator

BTW, if you plan to work in C or C++, I highly recommend the LLVM Clang compiler. As great as GCC is, Clang's got better error messages and higher performance - plus it can run natively on every major operating system. VSCode has fantastic Clang integration.


Visual Studio Code as an Ide? Well, my keyboard is super computer :)


I definitely use VSCode as my main IDE for Python and Go.
And it is indeed an awesome piece of software. :-)

VSCode is editor, not IDE. Pycharm, Phpstorm is IDE. Of course you can use editor but that doesn't make them an IDE.

According to me, VSCode without any Plugins is indeed an editor but as soon as you add some plugins to it, it is as capable as any IDE.
That's why a lot of people would prefer it to Pycharm or PhpStorm.


I need to try rambox and I actually use simple note on my phone so brilliant idea, gonna install that today! As to the text editor ive got atom so customized it will be a bit before I change again. I try VS on Windows but it just didn't click. Lots of awesome features though!!


Oh, there's a profound difference between Visual Studio (which I hate) and Visual Studio Code. The latter, also known as VSCode, is closer to Atom in its functionality, but much faster, with more IDE integrations. I was a loyal Atom user until I gave VSCode a try, and it won out for sure.

I might have been using the wrong one. I'll give it a try. Im a sucker for trying new text editors any day.

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