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#showdevWhat is the OWASP ?

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Use your Yubikey to its Fullest

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A Password is not Enough to Secure your Account. Use that as Well 🔐

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Password Attacks CounterMeasures ⚔️

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#showdevFirst Streaming Ever - Git Security

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#discussDon't Let the Hackers Get onto your Files, either Personal or Professional.

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Add Sec to your DevOps Pipeline with Checkmarx

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#discussHow to Keep your Code Secure

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How to Use GPG to Sign your Commits on Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket

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How to Setup Multiple Ssh Keys for Multiple Github/Bitbucket accounts.

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Application Obfuscation on iOS

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The Git Rebase Workflow

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Security Headers to use on your webserver

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Do you care about your privacy? Maybe it is time to set up your own Dropbox.

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Start assessing the security of your Android application

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Why you should share on (or anywhere else) what you know or just learn.

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#discussDo you use the Pomodoro Technique?

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Set up your Android app for Offensive Security

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Offensive security on an Android app

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Why you should practice security to better secure your application.

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