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1-on-1s are fantastic, and as an internship supervisor, I can attest to the fact that they're super important to employee growth. Great tips.

I also agree that many meetings can suck the life right out of you. However, at work, we really look forward to our weekly meetings. We follow a structure a little bit like a stand-up, but not quite.

  1. Team lead starts out with any major company announcements that might be relevant. We keep this brief.

  2. Everyone summarizes their accomplishments and obstacles from the past week. It's a good chance to share knowledge and get help, which always spawns some awesome group discussions. This is especially helpful, since most of us work remote.

  3. Everyone summarizes their goal for the next week.

  4. Floor is open if anyone has any questions/comments they forgot to bring up.

Everyone gets an opportunity to talk, but while we enjoy the meetings, we also want to get back to work, so that keeps most people from over-talking. If someone starts monologing, the team lead will bring the meeting back on track, sometimes asking that a conversation take place after the meeting.

Perhaps the funny part is, many of the principles you describe for 1-on-1s apply to those weekly meetings. We don't have a rigid structure or strict agenda, and many employees tend to stick around a little while after the meeting has officially ended because some awesome (and occasionally off-topic) conversation is going on. And yet, our meetings (COUNTING after-meeting convos) usually clock in around 20-60 minutes.


Thanks for that great breakdown Jason! I completely agree. I don't actually think all meetings are terrible, it's just a good headline for software engineers :).

My team has standup every morning as well and I think that it's another important meeting. I REALLY like your modifications to it. In fact, I'm going to propose the bit about every member presenting their plans for the following week on Fridays. Our stand up meetings can some time oscillate between being too in-depth or too shallow.

Thanks again for taking the time to share.

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