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Discussion on: The Dumb Things I Did And How I'm Going To Fix Them

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Corey Alexander

Thanks for the reply! Ya from my quick look it did definitely look like Rocket was using a lot of macros and stuff like that.

Oh wow, that's interesting that it doesn't depend on actix anymore lol. I don't know much about those projects but that's a fun fact!

It turns out that article was already on my Reading List! Gotta be better about picking things off that list!

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Ben Lovy Author • Edited

Sorry for the shameless self-plug, but hyper was actually a ton easier than I was expecting it would be, it's worth a try!

Actix is like Akka for Scala, it's a domain-agnostic implementation of the Actor model and I thought it was, you know, integral to how actix_web worked. While actors are a cool way to do concurrency, it was pretty boilerplate heavy - for instance, interfacing with a database in 0.7 meant defining an Actor specifically for the database that runs concurrently and having your handlers interact with that. It looks like this is all streamlined in 1.0, but I'm totally fuzzy on what the word "actix" means in this context now.