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Discussion on: It's Time to Say Goodbye to Docker

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The main thing that was missing was docker-compose. I honestly rarely, if ever, use docker without a compose file. It's what is used to run a stack and link containers together, define networks, volumes etc.

UPDATE: I did run into this project it might be of use to others: podman's implementation of docker-compose.

Everything in this article provides alternatives but I really don't see any of them proving the point the article is trying to convey.

Sure, you can use a different engine. Podman would be cool to not require root. Doing sidecar patterns is very useful, but if you don't have a compose equivalent there's little appeal to it either.

Alternatives that build a docker image? Sure but why when docker does that already? I mean if your ecosystem is in language X and there are tools that integrate better in that ecosystem you may benefit from using different tools, but for the most part, I think i'll stick to docker and their build files.

Splitting the ecosystem so much just makes it IMO overly complicated for no reason. I remember trying to use hbase/hadoop ages ago and their components were so dependent on one another and so overly complicated that they started shipping 'distros' where they had all of their stack bundled together.

I would never use docker if it wasn't a single install that does all of these things and if I had to figure out how to build images, how to pick my container engine and so on. I appreciate having the choices but I'll stick to docker personally.

Till some alternative comes out that is a true drop in replacement for docker which includes (API, engine, build, runtime AND service orchestration ie. docker-compose) none of these seem like legitimate contenders.

Also.. the BIGGEST win is that it's Simple and 'just works' across every ecosystem, linux, windows and mac. There are several containers alternative but many of them are Linux only which is basically worthless for the problem I'm trying to solve from Dev workflow to Production.

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Why not use Terraform rather than Docker Compose?

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There are multiple use cases for docker. Keep in mind that the developer path is just as important. I would never expect a developer to run terraform to setup their dev environment. That seems a bit overkill.