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Thank you for doing this!
RAM utilization is a constant topic of conversation in the dev community. You have better insight into the needs of Chrome instances and Electron applications than most people. Is reducing RAM utilization currently a high priority for your team, and do you think that changes in Chrome could noticeably improve RAM concerns in Electron applications?


Memory (as you know) is a shared resource. Any site can use more of it to give their users a better experience but often there's little done to monitor just how much memory consumption/leaks individual sites or apps might have. When everyone is flying a little blindly here (self included) it's easy for sites or individual Chromium instances/Electron apps to cause memory strain and for this to negatively impact users and the experience they have with apps on any system.

We're in a period of researching the impact of memory usage in Chrome at the moment. If the Electron community has more insight (or traces) they can share with us about heavy memory consumption concerns, we would love to take a deeper look. Are there examples/data you're aware of?

I definitely acknowledge high memory consumption otherwise matters where it can negatively impact users. Today that can manifest in a few ways when using Chrome directly on lower-end devices:

  • Foreground out of memory exceptions
  • Need to reload discarded tabs
  • Need to reload other applications that might be kicked out of memory
  • Battery drain

We're looking a little more heavily at the memory consumption story on mobile right now, but as I said any data regarding Electron mem usage would help. I know this has anecdotally been a problem I've heard reported before.


Thanks Addy! Glad to hear it's an area of focus for mobile, I feel like improvements there could reasonably at least lead to more insight into utilization on desktop. I don't have hard data, I was mainly referring to what I see as the zeitgeist (warranted or not), and my own personal experience. Appreciate your thoughts !

FWIW, it looks like here a user ascertained that Chrome actually uses less memory than most other available browsers, so kudos!

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