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Oh spit, 🚨Good Question Alert 🚨!

For me it’s probably “another interpreted language” and “React”.


I'm right there with you on React. Just seems to have a way to high of a learning curve for the kind of front-end work I do, and I'd much just stick with Vue.


React doesn't have step learning curve at all, it's bassicaly just Javascript with JSX. On the other hand, Vue is much easier than React if you are coming from some kind of templating language.

I’ve noticed that learning curves aren’t equal for all people in all things. I think there’s something to be said on this subject around opportunity cost as well. In the time you learn React, what else could you learn?

Yeah, you're right about that.
But if you look at the job market, you'll see that there is a plenty of jobs related to React, so I think that, if you are looking for a job, it would be really good to know some React.

You don't need to React if you're working on the backend tho, but on frontend days of jQuery, Wordpress and PHP are long gone, and you should at least know the basics of the most trending technologies. That's where the money is :)

In the end, I guess it's all just about priorities, and your goals.

Don't be so fast to discount Wordpress (and the supporting LA/EMP stack).

Wordpress runs 32% of all websites that report tech. That is >50% of ALL content management systems in public use.


PHP as well, 78.9% of all reporting public websites.


Not going away any time soon.


For me, it’s not the learning curve so much as a style issue (old complaint I know, but still valid imo), and a issue with the trends in the greater frontend community.

For me, it’s not the learning curve so much as a style issue (old complaint I know, but still valid imo)

Why valid?

Issue with the trends in the greater frontend community

What issue?

Can you please elaborate on these? :)

PS: I'm not trying to start a frameworks/style war here, just interested in another peoples' opinion.

I don't like JSX. I think that's a valid issue, but it's kind of tired and has been litigated to death so I don't really care to re-open it. I think given the choice of "procedural in your layout" vs "layout in your procedural", the former does a much better job of separating concerns. I like the Vue approach to single file components more as well. React (or at least the community) has kind of taken the "JS-ify everything" approach, which I don't really care for, I think HTML and CSS have their place and there's no reason to wrap or indirect them with more JS.

Regarding objections around the greater frontend community, I have issues with hype cycles, build processes, "thought leaders", and what seems to be a trend towards "blog post-driven development" but I don't really want to get into them in this forum.

I do front-end work when I have to, it's just not something I care to do much more of.

Maybe valid for you 😛You can write React without JSX tho:

Just one more question, if you can share with what stack are you working?

I'm working with React, React Native and Vue at my job right now, and while I find React much cleaner to work with I don't have major issues with Vue, in opposite I really like how's some stuff implemented.

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