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Sarthak, you’re 2/2 for thought-provoking posts! I think the common thread I see here is a core set of values (maybe articulated, maybe more fluid) and a focus on sustainable community growth over “growing the user base.” Its anecdotal but my feeling is that the growth of this community has recently accelerated significantly, and seemingly organically, on the basis of a good experience.

I think a key point in the next stage of growth might be like... “second order features”. In my mind, that’s members using basic features to get creative and put out things that are more firmly rooted in the community and in a more consistent voice, rather than isolated blog posts . That’s probably poorly articulated, I’m on my way to work haha, but hopefully the gist makes sense. I see “series” playing into this. It’s actually where @milkstarz and I got the idea for our conversations. We’re some of just some of those “true fans” you’re talking about.


Completely agree with you there. Also Ben is handling it very well. Rest on the job will be done by the true fans like you.

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