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(You seem to be using "personal" to talk about both personal and personal-business, so I'll answer both.)

Currently: business uses Vue.js with pug templates (on GitHub under "", if you're interested), personal uses Jekyll with a theme based off its previous iteration.


  • my own set of static HTML files
  • my own MySQL-backed PHP site
  • WordPress (first time)
  • BlogEngine.NET
  • WordPress (second time)
  • Orchard
  • WordPress (third time)
  • my own MongoDB-backed Node.js (koa) app
  • my own RethinkDB-backed F# (Nancy) app (based on the Node.js one - this one is on GitHub as "myWebLog")

I don't see myself moving away from Jekyll anytime soon; it's perfect (IMO) from a resource utilization perspective. How many database queries should it take to load a old blog post about the 2008 election, or a cheesy sausage hashbrown recipe? With Jekyll, that number is 0, which I think is correct one.

Anyway - I write all that to show you that you're not alone in not leaving your personal site alone. :) In my case, part of the churn is that I'm doing this as a side project (though I am a day-job programmer as well), so I'm trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Resource utilization is a big deal. I love the .NET ecosystem, and F# in particular; .NET Core has really helped make that run fast on my dirt-cheap Linux VMs. Plus, WordPress can be quite the hassle if you don't run where your web server can write to the files that it serves; I'm glad they push regular updates, but sometimes the things they fix make me happy that PHP couldn't write to the web server while the bug was active.

Finally, what I have (sadly) left alone is the content; Facebook ended up getting a lot of the material that would have gone there instead. I'm trying to get better about writing something, but that would mean I'd have to stop writing code long enough to do it. Being a part of this community is encouraging me to find the time to at least start writing up some tech stuff.


I've heard lots of great things about Jekyll, especially if I want to eventually write blog posts there, which I am also hoping to do more of thanks to the support and encouragement of this community. :) Thanks for sharing!!


Jekyll is pretty sweet.

I've even used it to prototype and mock up work that had to be recoded from scratch for another CMS in XSLT (ugh)…

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