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re: Basic and 6502 assembly on a C64 (1991) The Borland Turbo Pascal and Turbo C IDEs (started using them in 1993) Being excited when the first Netscap...

I experienced the switch from X11 to Xorg... and writing the configs for both was the biiiiiigest pita in computer history


Haha, yes I was totally talking about X11 above. The early days of Linux were quite painful but fun at the same time.

Nothing quite like waiting two days for the kernel to re-compile only to discover that you left the sd driver out.

The move away from the monolithic kernel was such a vast improvement in maintainability.


But did you ever burn a mark into your monitor's phosphors when the config file your wrote was close to correct, but just not quite right?


Of course. I also remember how nervous I was when I first switched to GRUB. 😂

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