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re: This is interesting. I'm normally of the static typing camp, but I get it. It's one thing to write code that a computer can understand, and it's ...

Hi Joel,

In Rich Hickey's terms, I would say Python is an easy but not simple language.

Also, a lot of people seems to miss it, but Go is a static typed language. So maybe it is not about dynamic vs static, maybe it complex vs simple.

I would recommend to watch Rob Pike and Rich Hickey presentations that I link in the article.

Thanks for reading!



I like Python. The main problem with Python is though that although it favors simplicity
"Simple is better than complex." most of the time you end up with anti-patterns and complex code.

It assumes that we are all responsible programmers and we are not messing about.

In practice I've seen a lot of times this gets violated in favor of convenience.

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