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I've always like Rails a lot but its always been a chore to configure and host it for a production environment with Apache/Other Webserver. Has this part been improved any lately?

Though maybe the answer is DigitalOcean:


I think it has improved a lot, but I agree that this is still not a strength.

Rails can also be a real pain to get setup in development if anything goes wrong especially outside of the Mac ecosystem.


What does use for its production setup? I've used Apache2 with the Passenger Apache module and RVM. I then use Capistrano to deploy new releases of the Rails app.

Works well once I figured out how to get it all working, but has me concerned it will be hard to re-create when I have to update the operating system down the line.

For what it's worth, I've had a positive developer experience with Linux.

We run on Heroku using Puma because several years ago I was pulling my hair out trying to get my Rails server working and found Heroku and got everything set up in about ten minutes.

Haven't looked back since. Others in the industry have caught up to Heroku in this regard, so I can't say I'm hooked for life, but I've defaulted to them ever since. So when this was a solo project I just went with what I knew.

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