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Discussion on: 101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human)

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Dave Parr

This is a fantastic list. Out of 101 you hit 99 percent bang on imho.

From my personal past experience and for my future career there are only 2 refinements I would make.

Under promise and overdeliver:
In specific working environments I would strive to "precisely promise, and precisely deliver".

In agile companies 'accurate' measures of the (ideal) effort something takes to do are valuable. If I say something will take longer than it will, this has knock on effects to other people relying on my estimation. Features are delayed needlessly, customers wait longer etc.

I'm all for few meetings but I think it's harder to generate accurate tasks/features/stories in these methods. Agile values face to face > remote asynchronous messages, and I've definitely seen the value in that.

Even so. 99.99... % agreement is miles more than I find in many other articles, so good work!

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yucer • Edited

) Good work!

I guess you are one step near to write a book.

I know some books that did start with a list like this, laterl some items became paragraphs, sections and chapters.


  1. Take breaks

A good technique is to put a bottle of water in your desk and drink a lot.

Drinking water is very good for health and your bladder would remember the break.. Because you'll need to go to the bad.