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Discussion on: Angular State Management Without RxJS - An Experiment

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David Dal Busco Author

well, first thing I should probably mention is even though it is called "stencil store" there is no "stencil / web components" inside.

as I said in another comment, if I would have to bet, I would say that my spontaneous understanding is that the store is using a proxy and that's why the change detection is noticing the modifications. But, I can't be totally uncorrect. If anyone want to give a better explanation, would like to hear it too.

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Mark Magyarodi

I did check the source of stencil store before my first comment, and I found only stencil specific updates reacting on store changes. But being a proxy wouldn't trigger angular CD either. I'm still sure about my original statement, stencil store work only because the same reason a plain js object would.