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Discussion on: Why learn Python Programming language in 2021?

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Dennis Quesada Cruz • Edited

Or Black Hole photo proccesing hahaha. No, that was joking. In Cuba the official language in the university its Java, but im doing all in Python, regarthless my programming teacher say or the higher years friends.
I hope that in the future it will not be a problem for my day-to-day work. Or will be mandatory to exam in Java.

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javinpaul Author

didn't know that Python was used there :-) Thanks for infomraiton.

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Languages are not like football teams, where you become a supporter of one of them, and you cheer it even when it's losing the game.

Knowing Java is excellent. Knowing Python is excellent. Any new language you learn will make you a better developer in the same way that knowing English and Spanish is better than knowing only English or Spanish.

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