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It was about 5 years ago that I tried to go only Linux and ended back on Mac. Mind you I work on Linux machine everyday in one way or the other, mainly servers.

I am sure they are much better now but at the time I just couldn’t get past the fact that some of my main programs were limited on Linux because it was obvious the companies focused on the Mac/windows side. My memory escapes me now but 3 to 4 of the apps I used lacked majorly, I can list those now as I forget but I’m think it would have been photoshop/illustrator, most likely my IDE as well. It was enough where I waded through the annoyance for a few months. Also the up just seems to be lacking. The file manager seemed unfriendly, as well as things missing that I use such as hot corners and multi desktops. Those could be fix by adding programs but they never seems to feel like part of the system, it definitely felt like a hack. I really really wanted to make it happen but gave up after a few months. I am considering it as my next laptop but I’ll have to do a vm and see if I can get comfortable with it again.


Thanks for sharing your experience. VM'ing is the way to go to try out a system. I agree finding matching programs is another barrier, even that is one of the main issues for me when going back and forth between windows and mac. There is always that one app that is more awesome in one OS. For example scrivener is better on mac, than the windows version. And forget about linux.

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